• 'Most embarrassing' because it was 8th grade, I was the 'new girl' and it was embarrassing in front of the most people... I was pushed, fell over backwards, hit my head and was knocked unconscious in front of the entire 8th grade in a large school!
    • Abha
      Woh ! 😉😉😉
    • Victorine
      That's not embarrassing. YOU didn't do anything that should embarrass you. The person who pushed you should feel embarrassed -- more than embarrassed, absolutely mortified and deeply remorseful. I hope he or she really got into trouble. Hitting your head hard enough to be knocked unconscious can be serious.
    • Linda Joy
      I was embarrassed that everyone was staring at me! I don't know who it was on the other side of the table that pushed it but they probably didn't mean to injure me, just thought it would be funny to make me fall or almost fall. And they probably did feel badly when they actually did knock me out. Thanks for your concern.
  • I got locked out of the bathroom at my sister's apartment wearing just a towel after I saw a mouse just as I was about to take a bath. The mouse ran out under the door and I got on the couch and started yelling and screaming that there was a mouse. Turns out my sister's friend was the only one home and he was going to chase the mouse out. So the mouse goes under the couch I'm on, and he gets down real low to "look" for the mouse. I look down to find him looking really hard up my towel between my legs into my privates. At first I thought it was an accident but I caught him doing it a few more times until I said something, then he actually got the mouse out. I never told my sister, but now I catch my sister's friend staring at my legs if I wear a skirt
  • I French😌-kissed my cousin. lol
  • Why would anyone really want to discuss this? And if you aren't willing to discuss yours, why do you think it's appropriate to ask others about theirs?
  • My friend and I were doing the yoga challenge last year during the lockdown. My dad's friend was watching us do the challenge and at one point my friend needed to use the bathroom and I kept doing some stretches in the living room while my friend got back. My friend's dad was watching me stretch for a while and later on he told me that he could see my underwear and sometimes my private parts when I stretched. I was really embarrased for a while and I still get kinda embarrassed when I think about it
  • I got drunk and smashed by friends television

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