• nnaybe you should call thenn up and ask thenn this question
  • pearllederman what? They gave me the run around. Don't you think I would've done that in the first place? Why the "nn" thing? Is the m on your keyboard broken?
    • Linda Joy
      yes, it is.
  • Did you check that your modem was active? Other times, I have to restart my router or modem or both.
    • Your Nightmare
      yes, the router seems to shut off every time I start downloading from certain sites or apps. I'm not illegally downloading anything either
    • Black Mystique
    • Your Nightmare
      It'll stop even from a 456k file, so I have to disconnect my internet access for five minutes and reconnect again. One minute later (or five seconds) it cuts the downloading off again and the rest of my internet access
  • Probably. I hope so. I would block you if I could!

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