• I imagine it's in the same country where there is no marriage.
  • Utopia
  • I heard that in the Philippines and Malta divorce is actually illegal. I'm not sure though.
  • I could be way off on this and if I am I truly apologize and hope someone with a better understanding will correct me. I believe in Islam divorce is forbidden and I am not sure iof it it the religion itself that calls for this or if it is just laws made up by men in these countries who misinterpret the Koran but I believe in many Islamic nations divorce is punishable by death.
  • Following along the lines of giveiturall, I choose the Vatican. With all those nuns and priests running around, I seriously doubt there are marriages, and without marriages, there can be no divorce
  • What was the name of that Island that Wonder Woman came from? That would be it. .
  • The Vatican City is considered an independent country. But all I've found is that divorced folks can't take communion anymore. Wups!, according to... "9. Not too surprisingly, you cannot get a divorce in Vatican City. A bit more surprisingly, you cannot get a divorce in three other European countries. For 10 points each--name these predominantly Catholic nations -- Or for five points each if you need a clue: CLUE -- IF REQUESTED -- (Two are physical islands, and one is a political island) Answer: Ireland, Andorra, and Malta"
  • Now wouldn't that be nice!
  • The Phillipines ban divorce in their legal codes but it is not unknow and foregin divorces are reconized so many people living there simply travel aboard and finalize their divorces. The island of Malta and Andorra both ban divorce as well and do not reconize foreign divorces either. The Vatican dosent reconize divorces and until 1998 Ireleand also banned both divorce and annulment. However divorce is still diffcult to obtain in Ireland and many courts refuse to grant them. Also they do not reconize divorces obtaining by traveling to a foreign land.
  • i am not sure about the Philippines, but what i am certain is that in Malta we have no divorce till time i believe that divorce will come in...however, since Malta is 99% Roman Catholic and the church does not permit pologamy. another things is that the church does not view two people married civilly as being married. In Malta the State and the Church go hand in hand. i honestly believe that Divorce has some advantages but it also has some disadvantages for instance, people may abuse of it, and what about the well being of the children? are we forgeting them? its not easy for a child to have 2 fathers and 2 mothers..... we are forgetting the well being of our children but all we want is our well being... dont u think this is a bit selfish? dont take me wrongly, if a couple didnt work well, whey they are doomed to remain legally single all their life? but i believe sometimes is lack of thought....and with this lack of thought and maturity our children are suffering most.... in USA where divorce is legal nearly for any issue.... marriage for them is nothing its just a contract which can be fact out of 10 families in USA 4 of which are divorced.... is that a good sign?? no its definatly not..... and maybe thats why USA has the highest percentage of crime ........i believe that this interlink with the fact that there is a very high percentage of broken families, this is because children are brought up in an enviornment where love is merely present from there parents....... i believe that before taking this step (to get married) one must stop and think and ask questions to him/herself.... i am ready for this step? do i really know my partner? do i accept my partners defects? do i know what marriage is all about? these are the questions we have to ask before getting married...and i believe with a little bit of taught and maturity than yes we would live in a better place.
  • The Philippines
  • No. But if there were, it would be called Hellville
  • It would probably be in some of the Muslim countries and the Philippines. (Not to be offensive)
  • I wouldnt wish for one that did!
  • 1) "Every nation except Malta,the Philippines and the Vatican City allows legal divorce." Source and further information: 2) In the Muslim world, it is very easy for a man to obtain a divorce, but it is very difficult for a woman to obtain a divorce: "In the Muslim world, legislation concerning divorce varies from country to country. Different Muslim scholars can have slightly differing interpretations of divorce in Islam, (e.g. concerning triple talaq). No-fault divorce is allowed in Muslim societies, although normally only with the consent of the husband. A wife seeking divorce is normally required to give one of several specific justifications (see below). If the man seeks divorce or was divorced, he has to cover the expenses of his ex-wife feeding his child and expenses of the child until the child is two years old (that is if the child is under two years old). The child is still the child of the couple despite the divorce. If it is the wife who seeks divorce, she must go to a court. She must provide evidence of ill treatment, inability to sustain her financially, sexual impotence on the part of the husband, her dislike of his looks, etc. The husband may be given time to fix the problem, but if he fails, the appointed judge will divorce the couple if the couple still wish to be divorced" Source and further information: "Some SunnÄ« countries have debated whether the triple talaq can be performed with the help of modern technology such as by text message. In some Sunni schools of jurispurdence it is possible for a woman to petition a qadi ("judge of Muslim jurisprudence") for a divorce under certain conditions. In a very few circumstances, Shafii qadis will allow a woman a divorce." Source and further information: 3) it is difficult to obtain a divorce in Ireland: "Ireland The largely Catholic population of Ireland has tended to be averse to divorce. Divorce was prohibited by the 1937 Constitution. In 1986, the electorate rejected the possibility of allowing divorce in a referendum. Subsequent to a 1995 referendum, the Fifteenth Amendment repealed the prohibition of divorce, despite Church opposition. The new regulations came into effect in 1997, making divorce possible under certain circumstances. In comparison to many other countries, it is difficult to obtain a divorce in Ireland. A couple must be separated for four of the preceding five years before they can obtain a divorce. It is sometimes possible to be considered separated while living under the same roof. Divorces obtained outside Ireland are recognised by the State only if the couple was living in that country; it is not therefore possible for a couple to travel abroad in order to obtain a divorce." Source and further information:
  • I'm going to guess Vatican city. Oddly, this is the second time today I have guessed Vatican city as an answer.
  • I would hope not...
  • u cant say that if a muslim say three times talaq. divorce will be done. there r no rule in islam like this.
  • YEs, in Malta divorce is actually illegal. Seperation is granted under very specific conditions and after long battles. Philippines as well.
  • philippines
  • The Phillipines ban divorce in their civil code. Malta and the Vatican also ban divorce. Several Catholic nations banned divorce right up into the 20th century. These included Spain until 1975, Italy until 1962, and Monaco until 1956. Several Latin American countries, while allowing divorce, its virtually impossible to optain.

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