• One your doctor recommends. People with heart problems need to be extremely careful about any medication they take, and should check with their doctor before taking any new medications. A doctor will know the specifics of the heart condition, so will be in the best position to advise. You should eat a healthy diet, but be careful about changing it too much in case it affects the heart problem. Exercise is one of the most efficient and healthiest ways to lose weight, especially for those who can't take medications because of their heart. Again, anybody, particularly somebody with a heart problem should always check with their doctor before undertaking a new exercise regieme.
  • I'm 43 and have been taking Phentramin-D from the past 4 months. In this period, I have lose my 31 pounds weight and feel better than I have in many years. With this supplement also I do some exercise for one to two hrs daily. Because exercise is very important in dieting period. Also it helpful for my heart. So i suggest use this supplement. For more information-->

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