• I clean the lenses of my glasses at least once a day with regular glass cleaner. About once a year I soak them in warm water to loosen all the dirt and grime that accumulates and then carefully clean them with cotton swabs and toothpicks, which help dig the grime out of tight corners and hard to reach spots.
  • It's just natural that over time - and sometimes not too much time - you can accumulate all kinds of gunge on your facewear. There are 3 areas that need distinctive care - the lens itself, the nosepads and the more here :
  • microfiber cloth.
  • Use a lint free cloth and lightly mist it with alcohol and rub your lenses. You shall be clean in no time.
  • I use "nice'n clean" Lens Cleaning Wipes. They come in individual packs, fit in your pocket easily, and come 30 to a box for about $1.50 ( if I remember correctly ). They contain just enough isopropal alcohol to get almost anything off the lenses. No, you cannot drink it! Heh!
  • windex:)
  • I use rags from an old cotton T-shirt that I cut up. Put glasses under hot water with dishsoap. Smear the soap all around and rub until the soap is almost gone, then rinse under hotter water and dry with rag. Hold in front of TV screen from another room to check for smears.
  • 1. Rinse your glasses/sunglasses under warm tap water. This first step removes loose dirt and debris off of the glasses. 2. Use diluted dish washing soap to work up a lather on lenses, nosepads and hinges. Be sure to rub the lenses well between your thumb and finger with the diluted dish washing soap. 3. Rinse off soap and suds well under tap water. 4. Wipe the glasses/sunglasses dry using a lens cleaning cloth or a soft 100% cotton cloth.
  • I use shampoo and clean them while I am in the shower. I use wipes to finish them off after I get out of the shower.
  • The spray they give you at the optical center. And use the cloth. Anything else scratches. OH , water and cotton cloth is ok too.
  • Lens cleaners.

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