• Relief and freedom from bitterness and anger.
  • That is a great question. I don't know. I struggle with this because of my mother. I sometimes think I have forgiven...but then there will come a time that I don't feel I really have. I can not give you an answer. Sorry
  • If they have a smile on their face and know that you really made that person happy for you caring enough for their apology.And I'm a Smiley so i should know smiles aren't hard to get!!!
  • I have no idea i always thought that i was able to forgive but now i know i'm not, some things are just not forgivable i suppose.
  • You aren't angry at that person anymore, your feelings are not hurt by them and you are able to continue your friendship as you were before. Sometimes this takes a long time and is very hard to do.
  • It feels like whatever it was you felt before you felt the need to forgive them. Fondness, friendship, love. Whatever you had you should have again if you have forgiven.
  • It feels amazing once you have truly forgiven someone. Sometimes its not as easy and it takes *time* to forgive someone, depending on how you feel about what you are forgiving them for and what your history with the person is like. Other times its easy and you can simply make the decision to forgive. ~Time can be a great healer, too. ..So sometimes it takes time and other times its right away that you will feel you have fully forgiven them..either one is ok though. once you've taken that 1st step and felt that you were at a point where you would like to open yourself up to forgive, them.. you've open the doorway to feeling good. You will feel lighter too..probably literally. Also, it will feel different for everyone..depending on your personal relationship and story with the person who you'd like to forgive/have forgiven. Its bound to be some sort of a good feeling though..because forgiveness is a healthy positive thing. :-)
  • I'm really not 100% sure, although I would guess.... Once you've stopped daydreaming of different tortures and gritting your teeth at the thought of them and feeling like you swallowed a beach ball at the mention of their name....... then.............. you might be getting close.
  • It feels like being let out of prison on a spring day. To nolonger be the captive audience of an abuser.THe chains have been broken it is time to realize you are free to move on.Instead of being a victim of the enemy.I chose to become a weapon in the hands of the Almighty God!
  • Forgiveness is when you feel that you are 100% sure that the person will not hurt you on purpose again.
  • "Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heal that has crushed it." -- Mark Twain I've always liked that quote. To me it means you can do nice for the person that did you wrong, even if they are still doing you wrong.
  • Total relief and peace.
  • It feels like giving up hate. It feels good afterwards.
  • There is a heaviness in the pit of your stomach when you are holding a grudge against them or are angry at them. Once you truly forgive them, that heaviness turns to air and you feel like you have been cleansened. It sounds so poetic, but it is really true. We all need to try it more often.
  • Forgiveness is when you feel a great deal of relief when all the weight is lifted from your body.
  • Peaceful, like you've finally set down the weight of the grudge you've been carrying. You no longer have any negative thoughts about the circumstance and you are at peace.
  • I know because I feel like a burden has been lifted off me. It doesn't feel like it hurts somewhere inside me anymore and I feel like smiling because it feels like everything is good and right in my world again.
  • You know that you have forgiven somebody when you do not question whether you have and when you see them it never enters your head. To forgive is to forget!
  • you will that you are not angry at that person, for what he/her done ?
  • The analogy I would draw is that the anger is like a 10 pound weight that one has lifted. It's easy at first, it may actually feel good, but after a while it becomes heavier, then it starts to affect your body and eventually your mind, you become very fatigued holding this weight. It becomes extremely burdensome, perhaps to the point of unbearable. When you forgive you have dropped the weight and it feels so good it is hard to describe. The best is when the weight is thrown in the deepest part of the ocean, rather than left nearby to be picked up again.
  • True forgiveness feels amazing, like a huge burden has been lifted off of your shoulders. How do you know you've truly forgiven someone? When you don't hold what that person has done to you against him or her anymore. When you've truly put it behind you. When you don't bring it up in fights in a nasty way to prove your point. Ideally, when you've forgotten it altogether (except maybe the lesson you've learned). When you have no bitter feelings towards the person anymore. When the hurt and resentment you felt is gone...completely. Forgiveness is great. I love it. It's one of my favourite things in the world. There is almost nothing that is as beautiful as forgiveness when it comes to what human beings are capable of doing.
  • it feels like sweet wonderful peace.
  • probably when youre not thinking about what they did all the time
  • Forgiveness is an internal process of letting go of negative thoughts.
  • When (A) You no longer expect them to restore whatever damage they've done to you AND (B) You no longer "hold it over them" - that is: you don't USE the reminder of the damage done to you to persuade them to do things. SO: you DON'T have to (A) tell them you forgive them, or (B) be dumb enough to trust them, giving them the chance to do it to you again *** The Bible requires Christians to forgive, but it does NOT require Christians to forget. I don't know where "forgive and forget" comes from, but it's not from the Bible. *** The simplest way to understand "forgiveness" is to think of it in terms of a LOAN. If you loan someone money, you forgive them that debt when (A) You no longer ask them or expect them to repay and (B) you don't use that debt as "leverage" to get them to do things that they don't want to do *** That doesn't mean that you loan them more money if they ask you! That's not forgiveness. That's allowing yourself to be victimized.
  • Forgiveness isn't a feeling you wait for. It's a decision you make. And it's much more peaceful than the alternative.

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