• Honey. Get real. We are. :) and cmon. dont DR me it's a joke... *hates ppl now for having no sense of humor*
  • Because a lot of girls stereotype! I've personally met many nice guys who are single, and not gay. People just look passed them! :(
  • because a lot of girls hang out with dicks so they are conditioned to think all guys are fools and wankers and when they do meet a nice polite guy they think he must be gay as all the straight guys she has met in the past have been arseholes
  • Because the definition of nice is not help people out, do nice things or be kind... The definition of nice in our day is to have a high pitch voice and ACT nice. Girls are good at acting nice, even though when u get to know a lot of them, they are pretty bad. Nobody gets to know anybody before they judge wether or not they are nice.
  • has to be too good to be true :P
  • I dunno, cause I'm NOT one of those girls
  • People are jealous especially pricks, I'm a nice guy have a great gf friend. People stereotype but I love proving those people wrong.
  • In what world do you live? Girls, hmm? I sure am glad that I don't go to school anymore. The state of youth has gotten worse.
  • Bacause girls are always surrounded by guys that want to take them to bed by talking about sex all the time, from the very first time they meet. Those guys often aim for free sex, never consider a serious relationship. Girls do find that "nice" guys ( those who listen to them and care about their feels ) are gay. Girls failed to notice that nice straight guys are either too nice (show respect to the girls and wait for the girl to take initiation), or too shy. Girls simply think those guys are not interested in them. Girls are too young to realize when a man really loves a girl, he wants to take care of her for many years. He would consider many things other than just sex. Many girls are just too silly to "give themselves out for free" to prove that they are attractive because "many guys want them". They end up being "used", dumped, and complain about men.
  • What??? LOL!
  • Cuz, the nice guys they met are gay.
  • That is a new one to me. Never heard that before.
  • Who are all these girls.? I certainly do not think all nice guys are gay although I have some great gay friends.
  • Hey!!! I'm nice.
  • Because they have obviously been hanging around the wrong guys, and aren't used to the fact that not all guys are pigs.
  • The answer is simple. Nice guys rarely ever speak their mind or voice their opinions outwardly. They are usually shy and quiet and overly passive, thus giving a woman the impression that they are not interested. They put themselves in the position of being seen as the best friend and not someone who has any physical desire towards the girls since they don't ever express their desire in a straight forward way. I knew a super sweet guy. He used to crush on a girl and would never tell her or show that he had any interest in her, and instead would run errands for her and go out of his way to show her what a good pal he was instead of dropping her hints and being assertive with her about what he really thought. As a result, he had lots of friends, but never a girlfriend. The nice guy that realizes he can actually be confident and assertive is the one getting laid right now.
  • I think they are confusing metrosexuality with homosexuality.
  • 7-30-2017 Girls are raised to avoid contact with boys, and some or most of them take that to an extreme, so boys have to guess what it might take to get a girl's attention. Some girls then send messages by roundabout means that they don't appreciate the boys always trying to get sex, but the boys eventually figure out that sex is usually the only thing they are likely to get from a random girl. Then you, the oddball, complain because some boys refuse to do that: they say if you won't talk to them, they are not going to feed you and buy you drinks. And then YOU call THEM names! Please get your act together and start acting like normal human beans!

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