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  • Mostly our favorite pornstars in different porn videos on different porn sites. But a guy can and will masturbate to other options as well. Including, the one girl he has a crush on, the other girl he doesn't have a crush on, any of his relatives young and sexy enough and of course all sorts of favorite and fantasizeable characters from all the cartoons and games alike. Few gay guys also like to do it on men and boys (which i don'tšŸ˜)!
    • SILVERrakhsh
      Also i forgot to ask! I thought Philip was a boy name?!
    • CuriousKiwi32
      Porn mostly, either through nude pictures or porn videos itself, but I also masturbate to erotic stories.. i even masturbate when writing my own erotic stories as well
  • I masturbate to gay videos on the internet once in a while, but mostly I watch my own videos of me going down on my FWB's on the big screen. I love re-living a wonderful moment.
  • I just like to whack off, so nothing in particular. I'm a fan of masturbation and prostitutes.
  • We can masturbate to just about anything. But mostly we all have fetishes fantasies. I love to look at women wearing panties. Transgender porn. Threesome porn and sons of other things

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