• The absolute best guide I've ever seen on this topic is available at the Motley Fool website: You need to register online to see it, but everyone buying a new car should read the article. The short summary is, you should do some research on pricing, and pick out the car exactly as you want it. Specify models, features, add-ons, etc - and then deal with the Fleet Manager. Once you know exactly what you want, all you are doing is negotiating the price. Send a fax to the fleet manager asking for bids on your specific car, saying you'll make a purchase in the coming week. Get all the real bids back from several dealerships, then send one more fax to each of them, detailing the lowest bid you received, and ask if they can beat that offer. It's easier and less hassle than dealing with a auto salesman onsite, and you're almost guaranteed to get a lower price.
    • mushroom
      Truecar will show you a likely price range, unless you're actually buying several cars for a fleet. But, similar to the above, instead of accepting a price through Truecar, contact their Internet salesman and get an offer there. If it's as good or better, take it. The real negotiation is for trading your old car. They always try to lowball you. Let them know you're willing to go home (then do it!) and wait for them to raise their offer. It seems like a big waste of time, but that's the dance as far as I have experienced.

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