• Yeah. I would like to see an "unsinkable" ship in person.
  • Yes, I would be honored to meet Thmas Andrews, one of my icons.
  • Honestly, no. I am scared enough as it is of modern-day cruise lines like Norwegian and Royal Caribbean.
  • I don't suppose I would have any knowledge that it was going to sink, so I'm sure I wouldn't hesitate.
  • I don't see how I could... as I do not live in England. If I had been offered tickets for the RETURN trip, yeah I would take them! Of course, I would never have been able to use them anyway...
  • Hmmm.. board a doomed ship? I think I'll pass on this passage.
  • No i wouldnt go
  • No. Im afraid of those big ships in that deep water and besides that it would have been too cold for me.
  • Yes, it was a historic cruise, right?
  • Yes...of course...then, you could either be on the lookout for the iceburg...about an hour before it actually happened...and have photo's of the the bottom of the prove to the slow that thing down a bit....and have an old newspaper article....(no diff. than back to the future and the clock tower newspaper...)....just fix things ....change history a little...
  • If I could go first-class so I would be first in line for a life boat, and if I could bring modern survival gear with me (insulated wet-suit that I could wear under my regular clothes at all times, ditto for inflatable floatation thingy, high-powered flashlight, water-proof rations, etc.) I'd be up for it. I might even try to tell the captain that I'm a psychic or something, and to be on the lookout for icebergs--not that that would probably make a difference.
  • If I could sail 1st Class Deluxe? Very tempting. But then I know what I would need to know to survive ... or at least greaty increase my chances. FYI: the 1st class weren't first in line for the life boats and the 3rd class passengers weren't locked below. Problem was the 3rd class passengers mostly went where they always went on deck: the 3rd class deck at the stern, where there were no lifeboats. Crewmen and stewards were sent back to escort the women and children to the boat deck, but most of these people spoke only Swedish or Norwegian and the crewman spoke only English -- and the women and kids wouldn't go with them without their men.
  • No, because survive or not I don't think I could watch all those people die. I forget which survivor it was, or the exact quote, but he said that every time a homerun was hit at a nearby stadium he cringed He said it reminded him of all the screaming from those who were struggling in the water or still on deck. No thanks.
  • He** no! I dont care if I could possibly survive. That water was so cold people had ice coming out of their nose! I'll pass on that one...Now if it was island hopping in the Keys I would feel a little differently...
  • Absolutely! The opportunity to sail on the Titanic back in 1912 would have been a great adventure. I would probably be very anxious to see America as well. Adverntures and going new places are great!
  • I believe I would since being an expert at knowing the history of the ship, I would know the events before they happen and know what lifeboats would be my best way off.
  • What a Fantastic question. I believe most people would go - Hey think about it, don't most people take anything that is free? Remember how this this question is asked: the DAY BEFORE the Titanic sets sail. And any class would be willing to go... For 3rd class - a better life in America. For 1st class - the chance to enjoy the luxuries For anyone - this was going to be a Historical first Maiden voyage (Sadly, that was just Too true).
  • I would go because I love cruises. Also I'm a woman so I'll be able to get on a lifeboat.

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