• my bed is always full of cats. I'm one of those crazy cat ladies.
  • None, they sleep on the floor.
  • My cat, Plato, lets me share the bed. He's pretty good-natured about the whole thing if I bribe him with kitty treats, LOL.
  • One usually; sometimes two. Both are Manx cats.
  • one...human
  • Two cats, Tuffy and Tiger. They sometimes crowd ME out... Especially Tiger, since as you can see she's quite an unusually large cat. She and Tuffy are about the same age, somewhere around six years old, but Tuffy is about half Tiger's size.
  • Usually 2 cats but us crazy humans are thinking about getting more. Breeds? Hairy! Oh, one is a Himalayan Manx and the other one is black. Both are hairy:-)
  • My wife, my dog, and between one and three cats depending on their moods. Interesting thing is, that if you combined the mass of all of the cats and dog, they would equal about a quarter of a person, yet they take up half of the bed!
  • we have 5 cats, though they aren't all in the bed at the same time, sometimes we have up to 4 in the bed. usually at least 2 of them. they are our kids! Arlo is a Maine Coon mix, Zuzu a Siamese, Shelby is a Calico, Sammy is an orange and white Tabby, and Buddy is a Tuxedo kitty. some call us the crazy cat ladies! we even have had a little fun the last couple of years buying silly little Christmas hats and taking their pictures wearing it. I've made a little Holiday greeting that I send to all our animal loving friends. here's the one from last year (and we did just buy a new little hat...I'll be making a new one this year).
  • your joking the dogs and me are lucky to get any bloody bed at all lady the 'bed nazi' takes it all!!
  • One Maine Coon cat. He comes and goes as he pleases.
  • Very rarely one of my dogs will (usually when I'm home alone, otherwise she sleeps downstairs with my parents), the other is welcome to but always jumps straight off the bed again to go sit somewhere else : D They are both Schnauzers.

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