• i know what you mean. i just split with my bf recently after 10yrs and i miss him so much. its all the little things i miss the most. its horrible. i think we all just learn to cope with it, i know i will have to because i cant see myself with anyone else.
  • i undertand exactly what u mean. Well, i miss it alot. but i focus on other things. things i need to accomplish, and if another guy happens to come away then okay. I am not going to be with somebody just for that touch. I can wait :D and then when it comes it will be special again So i dont forget about it, i just take my mind off of it for a while.
  • i was in a long distance relationship so i completely understand that. i was away from my honey for almost a whole year!!! so i turned to friends for hugs and masterbation to release the stress of not having my honey.
  • I feel very hurt. Sometimes it would feel like my bones were on fire. I don't get used to it. I once got to the stage where when I went for a swim, the water pushing against my body (all over, not just private parts) made me horny. On the surface, I may not seem like a 'touchy feely' guy. But I crave to hold a woman. My current girlfriend says I'm a great hugger. When I'm busy with my hobbies, I need time alone. But when I need a woman, I crave to be touched.
  • It's hard... I miss it a lot... I'm afraid that when I get together with someone I am going to touch them too much and chase them away... lol
  • Yeah I don't even think about it, so it doesn't really bother me.
  • You get casual contact with friends. A hand shake at work, a hug from a friend. You're not completely without contact. Sexual release, anybody can take care of themselves. Focus on what you do have, don't obsess over what you're missing, or you'll enter into a new relationship for all the wrong reasons.
  • That physical touch can be rectified, and I am NOT going to say 'Dakota Fanning' in this answer... Whoops.
  • Although its hard to cope without it, you can always get a hug from a coworker, or someone in your family. Physical touch is something that we all enjoy, but sometimes you can wait for that special someone. Eventually, you will get used to it. It can be a bit sad though. You can learn not to need it, but you could always wait..
  • I dont think I will ever learn I guess I dont really deal with it well, but i do suffer from it everyday.
  • I can't deal with it and in some ways I've had no choice but to learn to deal with it. Its not about sex at this point, but its about just touching another soft body that wants to touch you back.
  • I have allways had at least two woman friends as mutual huggers, this small thing helped keep my sanity in check.
  • No you don't learn to not need it. You learn to deal with it, but miss it and Need it! The touch of a loved one, be it just a touch of the hand,a tender word or the sexual touch, is the most disired feeling for me.
  • stay busy
  • You get a puppy or kitten
  • Surround yourself at the right time with family or friends. Ask and give hugs instead of handshakes.
  • Deal with it by having contact with friends and family members, pets help me also. Keeping busy with work or hobbies is good.
  • Get out and be around people as much as possible.
  • It is an intrinsic, no, you don't learn not to need it. But as some others hjave said you meet your own needs by asking for offering holding babies, children, mothers, fathers, pets. You will get lots of hugs if you volunteer with dhildren who are mentally challenged....more than you could ever imagine. These hugs are physical, emotional and spiritual....the most satisfying kind...and, you will never be lonely!
  • No,you never get ues to it. With help from friends you can get by abit, but you need to start dating again. Hope you find someone to love, we all need that feeling. Your friend,Rockwellts
  • I've learned how to deal with it, but I doubt that I'll ever learn how to not need it.
  • I've had to learn how to do it to myself..And now there's nothing left for me too miss
  • My ex who I was with for years never gave me any kind of physical affection. Even now being single for about a year now...It still feels the same. I am used to it. But..when someone give me a simple hug or wants to hold my hand. I just about break down to my knees. I need it more than I can say I miss it :'(

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