• Probably not, but that didn't stop him
  • No it must be a mistake because he would never have been this successful if he had intended to do it!
  • I know he did a great thing with the dollar, now me and all my canadian friends are buying everything in the US where stuff are much cheaper now, so it's a boost for your economy, like let's say a camera, i buyed last week a Canon SD800 in the US for $249 which is $242 Canadian, here i canada it cost's at least $349 canadian.
  • Wrong George. You mean George Soros. He's the Nazi Communist who manipulates currencies for his own profit.
  • It seems so
  • I don't think that was his mission,though I am sure that he has invested heavily in foreign currencies like many other wealthy Americans have done.
  • When George Walker Bush talks about the $, he says that 'we have a strong dollar policy' -- It's becoming increasingly clear, however, that Bush's 'strong dollar policy' is driving the greenback into the ground -- The United Nations warned that the U.S. dollar is facing imminent collapse in the face of an unsustainable debt.
  • wouldn't surprise me. Maybe that's what he meant when he said "mission accomplished".
  • If that was his mission, no doubt he has certainly done a terrific job. Mission accomplished!
  • Sort of. It was actually the mission of the secret society that uses him and other like him to try to establish a one world government, which they can then control. For more on this subject see the link below:
  • HAHAHA!! You thought he had a mission?
  • No, it's deeper than Bush. It's the people behind the Federal Reserve Bank and the elite World Bankers. George just didn't do anything to stop it, same for Obama for that matter. Audit the Fed.
  • It certainly does appear that way in retrospect.

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