• Go to "The Master Cleanse" website.
  • Try the genie cleanse diet, It worked for me. I lost 7lbs in 10 days. The only issue I had was the taste of the cleanse tea, but your not drinking it everyday of the 10 day diet.
  • Just sit on the pot a bit longer LOL
  • There is no such "drink" and the so called "colon cleanse" is new age faf that is actually bad for your bowels. Eat a balanced diet with less sugar and white flour goods. You'll lose weight and have less bowel issues.
  • Why do you need to cleanse your colon? Any fat loss over about 4lbs a week is water anyway and you'll gain it all back when you drink ANYTHING including water or a cleanse! To loose weight eat less and exercise regularly. There is no magic drink. If this doesn't work get your hormones checked out. If your thyroid is out of wack you need meds to get your TSH back to normal. But don't try fads. Talk to your doctor or at least a dietitian. Study. The information is out there.

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