• Because it'll help men not get bitched at.
  • They do??? They'll be waiting a long time on me then...
  • I only expect my husband to read my mind during certain times of the month.
  • Stop screwing up and they won't need you to:p
  • I don't, they would die trying. =)
  • I don't think they do. I think that, fact is, some men can be very insensitive to other people's feelings, especially women.
  • It is not so much that women expect men to read their minds (although it may seem that way at times...). Instead, women expect men to communicate with them similarly to how women communicate among each other. Because men's brains are wired somewhat differently and men are socialized differently than women, their communication style is different, too. Hence, women (with some justification) believe that they have communicated their wants/needs to men through facial and body language, hints, etc. When the men fail to pick up on that communication, women get frustrated. Meanwhile, the men having not been trained in this communication style, have little or no understanding that such communication has been transmitted. Hence, they believe "But she never said anything about it!..." and wonder if they're supposed to be 'mind readers'. The sociologist Debra Tannen has written several very good books about this subject: A simple sample of this phenomenon (from Tannen's book): A man and woman are on a long drive together... Woman: "Would you like to stop for a drink?" Man: "No" To the woman, her question was the opening of a conversation about whether they should stop for a break and, if so, where should they stop and what they should do to satisfy both their wants. To the man, it is a simple interrogative. He's not thirsty, so he answers with the simple "No". Thus, the woman ends up thinking "He doesn't care about my needs" while the man thinks "What am I supposed to do, read her mind? If she wants to stop for a break, she should say so!"
  • Women don't know how to express themselves very well when they get emotional. And, their logic is skewered when they are emotional. So, they just basically "hope" that men can read their minds in this state. They don't actually believe that we can.
  • If you don't already know then I'm not going to tell you.....
  • Because it's their job!
  • I thought it was the other way around.
  • I don't. I make myself perfectly clear
  • not me, but that would be pretty cool, sometimes.
  • To be sure they have something to complain about. As soon as they find a guy 1/2 of 1% better, off they go. They want to make sure there's a good excuse.
  • Not all women do, I do not expect anyone to read my mind since I can't read theirs. I do, however, expect people to say what they mean and a good percentage don't do this.
  • Well, maybe it's because it's all over our faces how we feel.
  • They don't - but they do assume that men think the same way as women and therefore will follow their logic. Poor men don't stand a chance!
  • because we are crazy?
  • Allison Armstrong has some very good lectures on this subject at Women think that men are just hairy women so they communicate with men the way they would communicate with another woman, and it doesn't work. You can also YouTube some of her topics for free samples. She's often a guest on the Dennis Prager Show, second hour every Wednesday when he has the Male-Female Hour. You can go to and download all of his male-female shows for the last two or three years for free.
  • Because they get caught up in emotions and really think that just because you had sex, spent a lot of time together, and they met their parents, that they really know each other deep down, disregarding the fact that people change in relationships and they don't understand that people should never be taken for face value in a relationship, especially during the lust/infatuation stage.
  • i try not to expect but sometimes i hope...esp when i send messages or told him before...
  • I don't. I explain myself clearly and wait for a response. Nobody I know is a mind reader and it would be arrogant of me to expect them to be.
  • Oh! That is far to difficult a question for me. Perhaps one of the big guys could answer!
  • They expect it because they think they can read each other's minds. I've been married long enough to hear my wife re-tell many an account of the disastrous results of assuming what "she meant when she said this or that to the other woman". Kind of makes me laugh when they say that world peace would suddenly be upon us if women ran the entire globe without the benefit of the male proxy who actually voices the female edicts. They'd be better off if they would say exactly what they mean when dealing with each other rather than expecting the digitally wired (yes or no) men in their lives to pick up on subtle communication. Having said that, however, it IS possible for us to make baby steps in the art of non-obvious communication. The example of Dr. Tannen? If that was my wife and I, I would probably know enough after all these years to ask if there was some other reason she wanted me to get a drink.

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