• I hope your schoolmates aren't hard on you. It sounds like you're a midget. This is curable while you're still young but it takes a lot of money and the help of doctors to inject you with growth harmone. If this never happens and you never get to grow, life as a midget won't really be a bad one. You'll always be in demand as an actor.
  • From the looks of your kweshtion, it would appear that you are just 7.
  • Your parents should have taken you to a doctor about this a long time ago. You can't grow just by willpower... see a doctor.
  • If you haven't grown since you were 7 years old, how does your doctor explain that? There must have been a diagnosis sometime in the last 10 years.
  • I am not a doctor. So, take this with a grain of salt. However, from what I know about this, I would say that it is probably too late. If you have not grown significantly since you were 7 yrs old, then you skeleton has probably lost it's ability to grow by now. You would have had to have been treated for this much sooner. Had it been caught at a young age, it might have been treatable with human growth hormone. However, since you have not grown any for ten years, the portions of your bones where growth occurs have probably ossified by now making more growth impossible. Most young men are nearing the end of their grown by the time they reach 17 years of age. So, even if more growth is possible, you don't have much more time in which to do it. Therefore, I am sorry to inform you that your probably will probably not be able to do much, if anything, about your height at this point. If this is really a concern for you, then you should see a doctor. I could very well be wrong about this and only a doctor would be able to tell you for certain. However, you should resign yourself to the possibility that you are as tall as you are going to get and start making plans from there. As far as always being embarrassed by others because of your height, there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind. One, at your age, you are probably hanging mostly hanging around with high schoolers. Kids of this age can be quite cruel and insensitive in the way they treat people who are different. However, most people outgrow that as they mature. Second, it is up to you how you deal with such boorish behavior. You can let it get to you or you can choose to ignore it. I know that such treatment is not pleasant for the victim. I have been there. However, by letting it get to you, you are giving the bullies just what they want, power over you. So, don't give them the satisfaction of letting them know that they are annoying you. I know that it is not easy. Just keep in mind that someday this too will pass and work on become successful in what ever it is that you choose to pursue. Trust me, you will be much happier in life when you learn to not be so concerned about what other people think and just try to be the best person that you can be.
  • I know what you are going through. I am 16, and 1/4 a centimeter from 4'10 (plus super skinny. Everyone rags on me about this, even though I eat!) My doctors say I will not grow any more, and there is nothing they can do. Even though I am short, I look 16. It doesn't really depend on your height for how old you look, it is your face. I always feel bad about my height, but my mom says that boys like petite girls, because they can pick them up and hold them. Just dress your age, put on a little make up, and be yourself; because thats enough! Good luck! I hope I helped.
  • How about stilts or cuban heels?
  • i think you do not have to worry now ,but start to do something !!! and do it already now ,it is not too late ! because boys grow till 25 usualy ..and wery ofthen they start to grow late and there is moment when girls are taller than boys but than everything changes...but you still have achance to should wisit doctor endokrinologist that can sugest you something and also do streching exercises than eat healthy meet drink milk !! have a good try ,belive and love also who you are ,personality is also also a lot imprtant :)) Best wishes ,girl from far far land ...:)
  • hey boy, whoever u r don't be upset. i know how it feels to be humiliated by other on basis of height because i am also 5'3. u r 17 nd ur hormones still quite active. i think u put ur whole in increasing ur height , whatever be the outcome. bt u shud strive 4 it because whatever little ht. u gain in this time will be 4ever 4 ur life. most important have HOPE . i also suggest always look 4 people who encourage u rather than making feeling alone and miser. u have to be a fighter if u wanna survive in this insensitve world. i think world is progressing in field of mind not in heart. live freely. don't feel vat others think about u. fuck others. i no its tough bt. can be tried.i suggest u to watch shawshank redemption and fight club. remember be a FIGHTER. have a good life .also indulge in many things dat make u happy. thanku. at last it is not ur body bt. by ur work u r known. i pray to god from the bottom of my heart dat u grow taller nd become aconfident person
  • I was always the shortest kid in my class, and I hated it too. Always the one in front in pictures. Strangely at about 17 I started growing and am now taller than the average woman. But in my mind's eye, I am still the runt. Human growth is unpredictible. I was a late bloomer. By 17 it's too late for medical intervention and at nearly 5 feet you are not short enough to qualify anyway for the shockingly expensive treatments. Eat right, exercise, get plenty of sleep, avoid unnecessary stress and you will maximize your potential height. Previous generations were short due to lack of knowledge of these things. Every person has to learn to live with their own height. Compensate for it with big ideas and big attitude. Learn that it's not what you've got, it's what you do with it that counts - and that is absolutely true.
  • Be proud to be small If anyone judges then they are not worth knowing
  • Ask your docor about it . I think your not growing that much because u inherited that from your ancestors .And oh, God has a great reason for why you are that small.You should be greatfull about it.Well I hope my answer makes you feel more better.Take care...
  • when a person walks tall the size of the person dosent matter,dont fall in the trap of becoming your worst enemy,i have 2 short freinds and never see them as small,really that even surprises me wtf,peace man.
  • Looking at your display picture, I'd like to point out a few matters. You must be a Muslim and which means you are probably native Asian. Average height of people vary throughout the world and you maybe a native of a place where the average height is lower. This is genetic and there isn't much to worry medically. Probably, doing physiotherapy can help you gain some height. Also, you are saying you didn't grow after you were 7. That's something pretty abnormal which requires immediate medical attention. So, please see a doctor soon. And, it's weird to see that you were 4 feet and *9 inches* tall when you were 7. A normal 7 year old girl would probably be 4 feet or little more, not almost 5 feet. I think you must give us some more information to help you out. Last but not the least, if you don't have any orthodontic or cardiac or any other serious medical problems which may've caused stunted growth, play BASKETBALL or NETBALL!!! (Not online or on your PC though)
  • This is tragic. Or a joke/windup. Taking you seriously, if doctors have not been able to help you grow over the last 10 years, they probably can't. The important thing would be to accept yourself for who you are. I'd like to be taller, faster, stronger, and better looking. oh yes, younger. Takig this as a joke, eat string beans and acquire a rack attachment for your bed.
  • drink milk, get plenty of sleep, and stay away from cigarettes and caffeine. hey if youre really frustrated and wanting to know if and when youll hit your peak ask your doctor, usually they can do a bone analysis thing and give you a good guesstimate
  • Go to see an endocrinologist as soon as possible!
  • you need to talk to your doctor about it, im the same way, im 4ft5
  • My friend who is very short for a guy married a woman who was even shorter than him. In pictures they look perfectly matched!

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