• Bacon zombies are “bots’ that proliferate on this website and clog the answerbag servers with an overload of packets containing an endless series of inane questions referring to bacon. If you sense latency or slowness in the performance of this website, then it is because of these insidious bacon zombies.
  • It might be animated bacon... which is a pretty scary idea.. I mean those strips of bacon inch worming their way across the floor. Or it could be a new type of zombie that eat bacon instead of brains. Or maybe it's Kevin Bacon and his brother returned from the dead!
  • There is video footage for this question, If you have 2 minutes this will explain away some of the mystery surrounding the undead swine contingent
  • Mmmmmmmm bacon. O.o
  • 1) "Breakfast of the dead Brains are fine for you maybe Not bacon zombie." "This haiku here is awesome because it combines bacon haiku and zombies, another favorite of mine. Would a zombie really choose bacon over brains? A smart zombie would. A smart BACON zombie would." Source and further information: 2) "No way I am eating a freaking zombie. All zombies must be destroyed. Zombies are only good for being a pain in the ass. The only way bacon can be a pain in the ass is when I can't eat anymore and I have left over bacon. What if the zombies were made of bacon? What if the only way to destroy the bacon zombie was to eat them? If you bit a bacon zombie and died, only to become a bacon zombie yourself, would you eat yourself?" Source and further information: 3) Further information: - "What Do Bacon, Zombies and Commies All Have in Common?": - "Drunken bacon zombies something something":
  • I denno but it's maikn' me hungrah.

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