• Executive privilege.
  • Amend the "Supreme Constitution" to state that no one person shall ever hold the uncontested title of judge, jury, *Or* executioner.
  • Shorten the title to an acronym.
  • give gays equal rights. then sit back, put my feet on the desk, and order a dish of chocolate fondue from my private catering service.
  • Make OJ finally pay for Nicole and Ron.
  • Speed up dealth penalty processing cases. Check DNA, appeals , etc. & either release folks on death row or provide the final release....
  • Start writing out my list of Murderers ,Pedophiles and Violent Rapists that are going to be the first groups to die and try to work out how I can get them dispatched as quickly as possible.
  • Begin legislation to drastically reduce the number of lawyers out there.
  • I'm going to take a nap.
  • The first thing I would do is create a constitutional amendment prohibiting anyone, including myself, from ever again acting as Judge, Jury and Executioner.
  • Hmmmmmm oh the possibilities ;-) Hold on I'm holding onto the picture!
  • Impeach Bush.
  • Eliminate it.
  • I've got a Little List, I've got a Little List of People we could do Without who never would be Missed....;-D... . . .
  • I would hold the first annual "Slugfest"! I'd empty out all the prisons of murderers, rapists, and chi-mos! Put them all on a desert island with nothing but PCP and wiskey, and bats and broken bottles! Then I'd have them all fight to the death! Then I'd take the last man standing, put him on a pedestal, and shoot him in the head! All on live pay-per-view T.V!
  • I would start by reviewing the sentences of Death row inmates and begin executions of those whose guilt is beyond doubt. Next I would begin the same process for rapists and child molesters. Next come the politicians who do nothing for us but lie and line their pockets at our expense. Next I would allow free speech for every one and the right to disagree with you neighbor in non violent manner. Political correctness as a doctrine would cease to exist. races who can't live in peace no longer have to try to do so. Religions who no longer have the ability to respect the beliefs of others will be abolished without appeal. How does that sound to you?
  • Try to convince them to make a law to forbid that one single person could get all of those functions at the same time. It would be very dangerous for justice. ------ ADDED ------ I don't know the US legal system so good, but in Germany you have sometimes to wait for months until a legal matter is settled. And as a normal person, you have to read during your process documents wich are written by attorneys and other jurist in a total ununderstandable form. So I would propose that everyone one every TV channel should have to speak thins kind of language for 3 months so that people could get used to it (just kidding). Actually, I would forbid this kind of language on documents that are to be used by normal people.
  • Good question. The first thing I would do.... would to be to allow children the right to speak in probate court against forced visitations. I would see to it that their feelings and tears were not over looked.
  • First order would be..dust off the guilotine..second..line up the pedophiles...:)
  • First I'd outlaw unjust and predatory banking and lending practices.I'd get rid of unfair 3 strikes laws. Then I'd do away with victimless crimes.(drug prohibition laws,prostitution laws,right to die laws),I'd make political lobbing and earmark spending forbidden.I'd break-up mondo propaganda factory media monopolies.I'd go back to adhering to the Geneva convention.I'd outlaw goverment big brother spying and surveylance.Finally smokers will no longer be required to pay for the majority of all goverment programs.In the interest of justice The burden will initially be picked up by spas,gyms and health clubs and eventually fairly spread out amungst the people.

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