• Love is in the air. Birds building their nests, flowers beginning to bloom and warmer weather is on the way.
  • We keep birds and ants year round. For me it seems to happen all at once (Maybe because I don't get out much?) But the greens in the trees get the most vibrant green you ever seen them and the trees bloom almost all at the same time! This is a really beautiful place. And I love spring! It's like that song about the rose. It's like God's promise that no matter how hard and cold the winter is the seed to start life anew is just under the surface waiting for time temperature and moisture to be just perfect to be cuddled into life!
    • Linda Joy
      The Rose: ..."Just remember in the winter far beneath the bitter snows Lies the seed That with the sun's love In the spring Becomes the rose"
  • March and April.
    • Ice man
      I think I dated them back in high school. Where do you know them from ?
    • Lilo Avli
      The Sexually Transmitted Infections Clinic.
    • Ice man
      How many times did the clinic give you the "Frequent Visitor Of The Year" award ?
    • Lilo Avli
      According to the trophies above my dart board, 1984-1996, 1999, 2001-2005 and 2013. so I make that 20 times. My Grandparents would have been oh so proud if they were alive today.
  • seeing cute birds and squirrels
  • Temperature change,birds eating off of the ground,flowers blooming.
  • Pink and white blooms on the trees
  • The smell of cut grass.
    • Ice man
      Especially after a quick rain shower.
  • Easter Egg plastic wrapping, washed up on my beach.
    • Ice man
      I hope you're saving those for future use as condoms.
    • we are dough 68
      My turtle friends are allergic to latex, so we practice the withdrawal method. I'm not yet sure if they are allergic to plastic. How does one tell ?
    • Ice man
      Ask them.
    • we are dough 68
      They don't speak the same language as me.
    • Ice man
      So they're Portuguese turtles then ?
    • we are dough 68
      I don't know what they drink, either. Could be port, sherry or strawberry daiquiris for all I know.
  • a new bright green on the trees
  • The snow melts...
  • Kids wearing parkas walking to school. T-shirts and shorts are usually signs of winter.
  • #1 the pointy green tips of Tulip plants pushing up through the melting snow . #2 The sun rising a few minutes earlier & a tiny bit farther north over the neighbors house across the street each morning . #3 I also still get the urge to swim upstream & spawn in early spring but please dont tell my grandkids..
  • The hibernation wakeup.
  • Daffodils and tulips.
  • Getting a trampoline. 😆😇😋

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