• Yes, that's why I have few if any true friends. I recently turned my back on a so called friend but all he turned out to be was a user and a leech, barely a friend at all.
  • I had a friend who thought I lied to her about another's losing her license on purpose, but I didn't. I told her what my ex-husband said, and he was wrong. Well, the friend who thought I lied to her, was screaming at me and then not talking to me for about a year. Another friend managed to try to explain it to her, because I hated this friend being mad at me. We met again after that and just kind of forgot about it. One of those things where time heals all wounds. I know one thing, though, I still won't believe the things my ex says. LOL, should have known better!
  • Most of my friends moved on from me, probably because they thought I was the one who turned my back on them. And I did, but I didn't mean to or even want's kinda hard to explain.
  • Once but it was due to my ex wife spreading lies about me and he wasn't all that great of a friend anyway so it was not a tragic loss for me.
  • Yes 2 out of threee are not speaking to me at all.
  • I was going to say yes... but I guess they weren't a true friend after all.
  • Yes my very best friend of over 15 years turned her back on me after she dated a long lost exboyfriend of mine and she realized he did not love her and was only dating her to be close to me even though i am happily married and appauled at him for playing with my friends heart that way. I do still love her very much.
  • HA! I have no real friends left.
  • Yep, which is why I have trust issues. It's always been the ones who were my best friends and hurt me.
  • Yes, and so I kicked them all to the curb, I would rather spend my time alone, than with people like that. ADDED: This past 6 months, I have slowly cut myself off from my so-called friends. When I give you keys to my apartment in case of an emergency and I need your help, don't blow me off because you have a dinner date!...After 7 years, of this kinda crap, I had to cut my best friend loose. I'm realizing, people's attitudes and personalities, and situations change...just like you might not be compatible with a boyfriend/girlfriend anymore, it happens to friendships to. The key is to recognize the red flags, and take action.
  • Yes, she was my bestfriend
  • Oh yeah! I was the greatest person in the world, according to "my friend" when she need to borrow money, but when it came time to pay me back - she conveniently made up some bogus reason to get mad at me so she wouldn't have to pay me back.
  • Yes but they only do it once then they become ex- friends.
  • I thought they were friends.
  • No, friends don't do that. Anyone would did that to me would be cut out of my life, therefor not being a friend.
  • No, that's not ever happened to me. Because if anyone has ever done that to me, then it's quite obvious that they are not, nor have they ever been my friend.
  • Yes. Last week it was my birthday, and me and about 5 of my friends were going to go out to the movies.. I told them all about it at least 2 weeks in advance. My best friend, the one I wanted to come the most, told me that she couldn't come because she was hanging out with her boyfriend.. I reminded her that I had told her about it weeks before and she said "yea but I didn't know if it was definite, so I made other plans" I was realllly mad but I suppose I am over it now.
  • Yes... one of my best friends in highschool decided that she liked my boyfriend better than our friendship... And when him and I were in rough spots of our relationship she decided to take him over... Stop talking to me and told me that I have always been a bad friend to her... And I found out later that she was staying the night at his house... It was very upsetting because I lost my best friend and my boyfriend... :o( But that was a few years ago... And it's over and I'm happy that I have the people that I have!!
  • Yes. Divorce can do that. One friend in particular. She was my friend to begin with, but haven't heard from her since, although I have heard through sources that she keeps contcat with my ex. Oh well.
  • Yes, perhaps betrayal is what everyone would experience in their lives. Although it might hurts, it will make us stronger and we could always learn something out of it each time.
  • Yes, when I was having emotional problems and it also involved a business we had together. Needless to say, I do not consider him a friend anymore. Pity, he was almost like a brother.
  • Since my husbands funeral I have not heard one word from my cousin who was always closest to us. I know she loved my husband very much but I truly think that she believes I was buried with him. She alswys used to say that i was closer to her than a sister. Oh how quickly we forget. I never forget and will never forgive either.
  • Only every RL friend I ever had.... which wasn't many to begin with.
  • A friend of mine and I had made plans to go out and had made all kinds of arrangements and such. She then went to her boyfriends house for a bit and i made plans with other people for our evening. However, when i called her to hang out she told me she was giving up on all our plans to hang out with her boyfriend. I was very hurt.
  • yes but i realize they weren't really friends
  • I have no friends. So, no.
  • sometimes but theres not much i can do about it

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