• not yet, its too hot here still, i have the window open now
  • Yes however i need a new thermostat. I set it at 73 and the heat is still running when it gets to 78. I have to turn it off and on sometimes 3 times an hour to keep it an an even temp. OR I forget until i start to melt and have to open the doors.
  • I'm pretty stingy, so I save my lump of coal from Mr. Scrooge until Christmas Eve. My thermostat is set for 59 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature goes lower than that in the house, the furnace will kick on. I know some people here who will leave their furnace on basically all year. Usually our summers here are only a few weeks and the yearly annual high temperature here is 81, with most of the spring and summer with highs in the 50's, and winters where the highs and lows are often in the negative teens or negative twenties, the furnace is not just for comfort but necessary to wake up alive in the morning much of the year.
  • yes and even changed the filter

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