• I beleive they do nearly every man i know has cheated on their other half i think its just an ego thing. Unfortunately ...
  • I have never cheated even though I have two ex wives who both cheated. I f you lovesomeone you stay true to them.
  • i think actually that woman cheat more. only because a woman has more opportunities to cheat.
  • I have been in 5 relationships and have NEVER cheated! I will never cheat on any woman I am with! I have had plenty of opportunaties and have been a bit of a "player" in my time, but if I am with a partner then I am with her and would not cheat.
  • Nope. My great grandfather, uncle, grand father, dad, and Jay have never cheated on anyone. It's all in the level of maturity and security in themselves they have.
  • Never cheated. Don't plan to. Been married 6 years.
  • I couldn't possibly know if all men have, but my guess is yeah. There may be a few that haven't, but it's just a matter of time for them too.
  • I think men and women may lust in their hearts when they are married but that doesn't mean they all go out and have sex with their beloved, people do have boundaries. Some people are able to hold people at arms length away and others are not. Usually when people are cheating it is the anticipation of anothers love that is the primary driving force and not the actual person per se.So I would say people might cheat in their hearts, if you are going to use that as a standard of measurement. But not everyone will step over that physical line and do the dirty deed with the opposite sex.
  • I don't
  • I never have, and never will cheat.
  • If by cheating you mean looking at other beautiful women then I'm as guilty as the next man. If by cheating you mean having sex with someone outside the relationship then my answer is no.
  • This one hasn't, doesn't and won't.
  • NO !! They don't ! At least this one never has and never will.
  • No they don't. You can tell that from the number of similar answers you've already had, and I haven't and won't, either.
  • i think most of them do if there no married yet
  • The real men don't.
  • ..."cheating" is not gender specific...but, and this is a big BUT...since one person cannot own another person, the very idea of "cheating" is actually quite impossible... may be easier to view the seeming act of "cheating" from the perspective of self-deception....meaning the self-deceiving must deceive... so, if you can't own somebody except within a delusional self-identity, then you're capable of all sort of behaviors including "cheating"....
  • No they all don't.
  • It's only the stupid women with low self esteem who say, "all men cheat". My bet is they've never had a loyal man in their life ever and by saying, "all men cheat" you are just excusing all men to do exactly that, so don't get mad when your man does, you've already excused him! I don't believe all men cheat. I'm a straight loyal guy to my wife for 5 years now. I have many friends but some of my best friends are 5 different gay guys. Gay guys are some of the horniest men on earth. Two out of the Five are completely loyal to their boyfriends and always have been and I am their goto guy, so I'd be the first to know. So, all you females with low self esteem out there who don't believe loyal men exist, to all women who don't think they deserve anything better...keep making cheating "normal" by excusing it and you will keep finding yourself in relationships with guys who will cheat on you. It's as simple as that. There are some good men out there ladies. Raise your standards and your self esteem and you will find one some day. PS. The guys who are excusing themselves by saying "we cheat cuz were men" are just as guilty. These are men are just as immature and low self esteem as the ladies who excuse them for being "men". They are insecure. They don't know what it means to be loyal. MORAL OF STORY: RAISE YOUR STANDARDS LADIES

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