• Yes........ guilty as charged...!! I do and its a horrible habit, i pick the skin off so it actually bleeds and i cant walk properly for ashamed to say. Im actually starting to go to a chiropodist in the hope that my feet will be smooth underneath so there will be nothing to pick off!
  • mine do after iv come out of the showers i sit on my bed and scrap off that dead skin.
  • I used to. I bought a foot bath and I give myself regular pedicures. And about every 2 months I have it done professionally. By doing this, my feet stay smooth and there is nothing to pick at. It basically comes down to regular maintenance. I use these two tools.
  • Get a good pumice stone to use on your feet then, at bedtime, rub your feet with vaseline and put cotton socks on. This will moisturize your feet.
  • yes i do that but, i thought it was a normal thing to do. just dont do it excessively to the point of pain/blood..that could obviuosly be a bad thing.
  • Every time you have this urge, make an agreement with yourself to instead an activity that adds to your life. reading a paragraph in a book, write in you r journal about one thing you are grateful for, your favorite yoga posture or stretch etc. depending on how much time you have. Its nervous energy that needs an outlet. Give it a constructive one. (btw I do pick now and then when there is something to pick, but not long or often)

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