• maybe you should find someone to take care of her so you dont have to
  • I would think she should qualify for some sort of adult Financial Services. You might want to call your Department of Human Resources or Department of Social Services whatever it's called where you live and it wouldn't hurt to call your local homeless shelter and talk to one of the social workers there to see what services are available and where you might be able to place your mother with assistance from them. She may also be able to qualify for food stamps. You may also want to talk to a counselor about your feelings. I commend you on stepping up regardless of your feelings to help take care of her especially after your experiences. I understand.
  • I can understand. I'd hate the idea. I've lived in England, and there they seem inclined to kick their kids out of the house as soon as they get old enough. And I got the impression, that because of that , it's a country where people aren't expected to be responsible for their offspring so much. It's the states responsibility. Which to me seems a lot better.

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