• my sister in law found her wedding dress at a garage sale!! It was brand new never worn apparently the woman selling it had spent almost $1000.00 dollars on just the dress and planned this extravagant wedding only to be dumped by her fiance the week before...something about he moved to Cancun?? sister in law wound up getting the dress and accessories for about $200.00!!! Now that's a deal!!!LOL!
  • I got a toy (when little) for a quarter.
  • I got a bar with 4 stools in pretty good condition for 25 bucks.
  • I sold a plasama tv for $350 and for a playstation 2!
  • Bought the garage for $900. Now I have a three car garage.
  • When I was little, I got a book, a Spongebob figurine, and six or seven toy horses for a dollar!
  • i paid 50 cents for a beautiful necklace some retired teacher got from her students - it was made in turkey and it is handmade and silver - such detail - i love it and get so many compliments on it - i should have it appraised - i also got a dresser for a dollar - the guy said just haul it off!
  • I find good stuff in the free boxes that I cant believe they didnt try to sell. So yes I always find some little treasure.
  • yes there is somestuff that they cut down to like 5 for something worth 30 or 50
  • I got a new Stearns and Foster mattress and box spring for 60 dollars. A bread machine for $2. A pasta machine for $5.
  • Atari 2600 with 2 joysticks, 4 paddles, and 20 games for just $25. Little did either of us know the Atari 2600 system was $50 with out paddles or games. I found that out about 1-2 years later.
  • A friend of mine once brought some chairs for 200 pounds for a set of 12 just to find out a month later they were original Chippendale and worth 100 times that!
  • mostly i find jewelry that is worth a lot at garage sales
  • Not really. But I once had a 2 day yard sale that netted me $4,600 profit! Nothing larger or more expensive than a $75 sofa either! Now THAT'S a yard sale!
  • In 2005 I bought an old German coin from the 1930's for 85 cents. It sells for $50-$75 these days.
  • I found a Tiffany & Co. necklace and a larg open heart pendant also Tiffany & Co. Both for $3.00.
  • I did buy a nice handgun for a very good price from a yard sale.
  • My best find was a zero haliburton briefcase that I bought for 5.00 and sold for 200.00
  • I got a $250. Hummel for $.25. I was thrilled beyond belief.
  • Over the years I have gotten about a ton of free yarn. I have made hundreds of dollars worth of gifts to donate to the charity auctions and fairs.
  • 21 years ago, I bought an original box from a particular GI Joe vehicle. Inside was the vehicle and a few GI Joe figures and clothing, guns, etc., and this was all from the 60's. I payed $5.00 for all of it. Still have it to this day!

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