• The Pros from my point of view is that it's a very unique piercing. Personally it's my favourite and I would have it but I've had it done twice and with complications I cannot have that piercing which brings me into the Cons. Personally I had very bad keloiding when I had both of mine done. It's a very hard area to pierce because of the amount of things that come in contact with it ie. phones, hair brushes, your pillow while your sleeping. But with good care you should be able to nurse it well and have a wondering tragus piercing. I hope that helped :D
  • It is a horrid piercing. More guys seem to have this one. sorry girls! It hart as wel wen they pt it in. I got early signs of a keloid infection. Oh joy doctors this week!
  • Pros: 1) It was pain free! 2) It looks great 3) Its not overly popular and so still unique 4) Theres as much choice jewlerry wise as there is with any piercing 5) You dont have to get both sides done Cons: 1) I think its over priced for what it is (£25) considering i got just underneath it done for £6 2) Its easy to catch on clothes etc 3) Having small ears listening to headfones is uncomfortable See the Pros far outweigh the Cons :P
  • Ok, this is the third time I'm typing this because my fingers keep slipping and hitting other things that make me lose the page. The first time I was pierced there the piercer used a clamp pulling the tragus out so she didn't stab me in the ear. I think this is what caused the problems I had. I took the jewelry out and let it heal. Then I went to another piercer who used a tube and needle. I have had this one in for years with no problems ever. Some people wrote about problems with clothes and headphones. They have these tiny barbels called micros. Once the piercing heals you can use this barbell and it doesn't get in the way of anything.
  • I had virturally no problems with mine, and they are still fairly new (almost a month old). My right one has almost completly healed already, or at least that's what it feels like, and the left one is almost there. There has been no bleeding, except for when i had the actually needle in my ear, and no infection. I suggest you get some campher phenique, that is the best medicine for piercings.
  • I had a keloid when I got my regular cartiledge pierced, however when I got my rook pierced I used a sea salt solution that you can buy at lots of piercing places or online and With the sea salt I havent developed a keloid and its been a year. I am actually thinking of getting my tragus pierced next time I go home.
  • Pros - It doesn't hurt much, It looks good, It's quick Cons - Painful healing, takes up to three months to heal
  • pros are - super cute ! - don't hurt as much as people say they do. - they arn't as common as other piercings <3 - not hard to take care of ! cons are - when getting it done you can hear a crunching sound - it kindof hurts abit, well obviously cause a hole is going in you. - it's sore for afew months. don't worry about it ! I got mine done the other day and it's super cute, and the pain is not as bad as people say it is, I promise lol.
  • I haven't had mine for too long, but the only con I can think of so far is that the sound it makes when they pierce it is the worst thing I've ever heard, but I guess it's kind of good because it totally made me forget about any pain (even though there wasn't much to begin with)
  • pro's: look amazin ppl complement u shws brave attention cons: hurts for like 3 weeks
  • First off I just want to say how useful this whole post is/was to me, I am looking into getting mine done and needed info and this was very helpful. The only con I can think of would be the healing time. If you heal well it shouldnt be a problem, but some of my friends have had their piercings 6 months and still can't lie on them at night...
  • Well . Im a 16 year old girl . And I Gt My Tragus Pierced Last March on my left ear. It cost me £15 & i didnt feel it . After i got it done i decided to get the top of my ear pirced on my right ear . The top of my ear piecing hurt me . & i slept on my tragus piercing , the only bad thing about it is that because it is joined on to your jaw . its likely that your jaw will ache after getting it done . Mine did . But only for half an hour . And now im thinking about getting a forward helix and a rook piercing . I'm also thinking about getting my tounge done . Tragus; Pain - 1/10 Apperance - 10/10 Cartalige; Pain - 5/10 Apperance - 6/10 My Tragus piercing is my best piercing by far!!! It has now completely healed aswell (:
  • i think its lush !!!!!
  • I'm almost 16 and I got my tragus pierced today- Pros; - It really doesnt hurt, i reckon my nose piercing hurt more. - I didnt even notice the 'crunching' sound people say are so horrible - Unique - Ring or stud looks good (i prefer studs) Cons; - It takes ages to heal - They're really hard to change if you want different jewellery so make sure when you get it you chose jewellery that you wouldnt mind keeping in for a long time. - The first day as ive experienced it feels like an ear ache, nothing painful but more annoying - You feel abit stiff like you dont want to move your mouth coz it hurts abit. But yeah id say go for it. I'm liking mine.
  • the piercing sticks far out on the inside of your ear so if it itches its hard to reach. when you first get it your tragus is sore and it is uncomfortable to lay on for me it made it feel like i had a head ache on one side or a ear ache.. pros it looks great and the actual piercing doesnt hurt to bad!

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