• Yes. I often make mistakes, and when I discover an error in spelling or grammar I will correct it.
  • Shure. Otherwize, I am terible at speling.
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      Great example, thanks for sharing!
  • Sometimes I edit my answers after reading what I previously wrote so as to make sure things sound right and making sure that the grammar is correct.
  • I do make them, but sometimes the site doesn't let me back into my answer in order to correct them, so I take it as a lesson to not worry to much about perfectionism. It doesn't bother me when others make mistakes, most of the time questions and answers can be understood regardless of spelling mistakes or errors in grammar, I'd rather there be a comfortable atmosphere on the site than grammar trolls (meaning those who merely hang around in the comments section to correct grammar, even after it's been conveyed that their behaviour is unwanted by the user). I hope my life never becomes that rigid. I prefer the quality of the content over grammar.
  • I try to always be sure the spelling is correct and even the grammar. I will read my answers over three and four times making corrections as required.
  • Yes, I edit them.

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