• Squeeze his privates
  • Not that anyone has any reason to care about this answer, but I should be an expert on this topic. I have a rare disease that causes my body to constantly produce adrenaline, basically all of the time. It means that I have to stay quite active to maintain a healthy weight, since too much adrenaline causes your body to hoard fat. It also weirdly causes my facial hair to grow much faster than normal. So, I can go to work clean shaven and, by 3 PM, I look like I haven't shaved in two days. Since this condition is biological and not situational, I don't really get an adrenaline boost from dangerous activities. Riding a roller coaster is like riding on a train. Jumping out of a plane is like diving into a pool. Nothing really thrills from a danger factor. I can still get endorphin and dopamine rushes from doing things I like, but it's like the edge is blunted on anything exciting, compared to what most people experience. It also makes me come off as overly argumentative, since I don't really have any biological response to the presentation of conflict. Instead of fight-or-flight, I just see a logical problem to solve. So, if anything, the person doing all of the extreme activities is like the adrenaline fiend and I'm the actual adrenaline junkie. The fiend being the person who craves the next hit and the junkie being the person who has become numb to the effects. As such, I'd say that the adrenaline junkie would be the sort of person who would just do usual activities that everyone else does, but probably would respond unusually to an unexpected dangerous situation most people would run away from.
  • Base jumping comes to mind. I remember when there was a base jumping group in Yosemite protesting the illegality of the sport in the park when the group decided to stage an illegal group jump from El Capitan. One lady didn't want her best chute to be confiscated on arrest, so she used a different one. It didn't open, and they scraped her off of the rocks at the base of the cliff. 10/23/23

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