• ....Since 2007, Israel has imposed an air, land and sea blockade on the Gaza Strip, saying the move is necessary to safeguard the country from Hamas' attacks. Gaza is surrounded by concrete walls and barbed wire fences. Palestinians are prohibited from entering or leaving the territory except in extremely rare cases such as "urgent, life-threatening medical conditions," according to Israeli human rights group B'Tselem. Foreign citizens are not subjected to the same restrictions. Human rights groups have described it as "the world's largest open-air prison."
  • I'm not going to argue that it is humane, but...what are the alternatives? If YOU were dictator of Israel, and had all of the Israeli finances and armed forces at your command...what would be your solution? Now, to make that slightly more realistic, I'll establish two rules (1) Even though you are dictator, your primary goal is to protect the lives of Israelis and Israeli control over Israeli territory. (2) But you do have control over the Gaza Strip, whether you want it or not, even though that is not Israeli territory. *** So: how do you solve the Gaza Strip problem? That is: how do you create peace between the residents of Gaza and Israel, and improve the living conditions of the people living in Gaza, without defaulting on the "rules"?
    • Creamcrackered
      Sounds very much like Russia and Ukraine
      Not at all the same. * Israel captured Gaza during the 6-Day War because Egypt was (of a certainty) about to invade Israel. Ukraine was not about to invade Russia, and Russia did not capture Ukrainian territories or invade Ukraine later because Ukraine was planning to invade Russia. * The Ukrainian provinces captured by Russia are not shooting missiles at Russians and invading Russia and killing and kidnapping Russian citizens, such that Russia felt it necessary to send an army into those captured provinces. * In the Russia-Ukraine conflict, it's just an ongoing land-grab by Russia in Ukraine, and Ukraine trying to put a halt to that or perhaps even reverse that.
    • Creamcrackered
      Ukrainian and Russian Ukrainians have been fighting since 2008, Ukrainians didn't want Russian Ukrainians in their country even though they'd been there from the beginning. Putin contacted the West multiple times about his concern for the Russian side of Ukraine but they chose to ignore him, so he entered in, along with the fact that like Israel he wanted Ukraine as neutral territory on the border of Russia, but the UN and US also ignored this.
  • The whole Palestinian issue is propaganda and is very inhumane and a crying shame. It is not the walls and the blockades that are keeping the Palestinians in but that they have no where to go. Egypt won't take them in, neither will Jordan. They are not being kept in, they are being kept out for a sick and twisted ideology.

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