• Maybe. I like Natalie Woods' films. Robert Wagner was known as a sociopath in his younger years. Inside the yacht called Splendour, Natalie and Robert had been arguing. Robert had smashed a wine bottle on a coffee table out of rage and jealousy for Christopher Walken who was Natalie’s guest. Natalie walked away and went to the bedroom she shared with Robert on the yacht. Robert followed her and shut the door. Obviously, they argued more. It's the reason why Natalie wanted to get off the yacht and go ashore. Robert knew Natalie’s biggest fear was drowning, since she never learned how to swim, and was afraid of deep waters. Dennis Davern was the Captain of Splendour. In this theory, it was not Dennis or Christopher's business to interfere in the argument a married couple were having, which was heard throughout the yacht. So, since Natalie walked out of the bedroom wearing a flannel nightgown and a red down jacket (it was cold outside) and to avoid a further argument with Robert - she could have went to call Christopher, saying, hurry, let's leave. I doubt if Natalie and Christopher knew how to operate the dinghy. Natalie calls the Captain to untie the dinghy and take them ashore. That's his job. Natalie Wood's sister by the name of Lana Wood who was not present on the yacht later said in the case that "Natalie was too afraid to walk by deep waters on her own." It makes sense Natalie was assisted by the Captain. By the time Robert came out of the bedroom, he noticed Natalie was trying to leave the yacht with Christopher and the Captain who would have been rewarded. The Captain would've been fired by Robert, but Natalie was rich. Giving him a job was not a problem if she had survived. With Natalie exiting the yacht's door to reach the dinghy, (frustration can lead to violence), especially if Natalie told Robert she wanted a divorce. To explain Natalie’s autopsy report, Robert could've forcefully grabbed Natalie by the wrists, as Natalie was wildly kicking Robert hard to get away, hitting her legs on the edges of the exiting door walls. Robert probably blocked Natalie’s other kicks with his knees and shoes in defense while holding on to her wrists. Then Robert gets fed up, so he slaps Natalie a few times, forwards and backwards, cutting her lip, and he pushes her into the water. The injuries in Natalie’s face and bruises in her body line up in this scenario. Marilyn Wayne who was boating on November 28, 1981 around 11pm off Santa Catalina Island, roughly 90 feet from Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood's yacht said she heard a woman yelling for help, and also a voice of a man saying, we'll get you. Here is what's suspicious about the incident: there are 3 men on Splendour and neither one saved her. Robert did not allow Dennis to turn on the spotlights. If the water was too cold to jump in... a rope, life vest or a float ring could have been throwned to Natalie. Instead, the authorities recovered Natalie’s body at 8am on November 29, 1981, 1 mile away from the yacht. Dennis Davern and Christopher Walken know exactly what happened that night. If it's fear to confess and protect Robert, all there is to believe Natalie died of an accident.
  • A must watch YouTube video that will give you a tour and a clear view of Natalie’s Wood's infamous Splendour: There, you can use your imagination.
  • I think so, but without proof you can't convict.

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