• I know Rita! She worked for me at Subway! Dependable, but crappy at sweeping up at night. One night she asked me if I sweep will you mop and close? I said yeah. I went to mop and there was crap all over the floor. I swept it up, put it in a cup and left in on the table for her the next day to show her what she missed! But she was the only person I could count on to be able to open and close almost anytime. But back to your question... I'm guessing this is a song I've never heard. Why didn't you grab a link? I can do pizza. I worked at several pizza places, too, from Alabama to Washington state now that I think about it. Pizza Magia, Pizza Factory, and Pizza Hut. I find a cheap one in the freezer section and add what I like. What do you like on your pizza?
    • bostjan64
    • bostjan64
      Never worked with anyone who was 100% perfect. Sometimes you have to take the bad with the good.

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