• Need is survival, Want is desire.
  • Spaceballs hair dryer scene:
  • Yes, but I need what I want. And want what I need! LOL
  • Yes... But I only want what I need.
  • Yes, I need water. I want coffee.
  • A need is water, air, sustenence. A want is a Starbucks Caramel Macchiato:)
  • I need a BJ. I can want in one hand and shet in the other. :P
    • Linda Joy
      Wrong! Or you could hire a pro.
  • My favorite flavor, cherry red.
    • Linda Joy
      Is that your need or your want? Do you even eat red dye?
    • mushroom
      It's a lyric from "You Can't Always Get What You Want" Rolling Stones (1969).
    • Linda Joy
      Oh yeah! I remember now! I knew it sounded familiar, but I was thinking it was from a very old Koolaid or Hawaiian Punch commercial. haha.
    • mushroom
      Hey! How'd you like a nice Hawaiian Punch?
    • Linda Joy
      Sure! OW!
  • I know I only NEED one more year of classes and I'm done...totally done with education. I'm not going to spend the rest of my life in a classroom. That's it, I've made my decision. I will have a life after school, otherwise there's no point.
    • Linda Joy
      I thought you WERE done. I remember feeling that way when I finished high school, but I went back. Over ten years and the Navy later, but I went back.
  • Yes in this day and age food clothing and utilities and housing our need. If you don't have them you're physically in danger. Things beyond what I have described are wants.. everybody wants a better car or to go out to a restaurant or to go on vacation or have the most fancy clothes and fancy watches and electronic contrivances but we don't need them

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