• ... you stubbornly refuse to have a bad day
    • Linda Joy
      I love it!
  • Linda Joy dances with DancesWithWolves to the T-berry shuffle.
    • Linda Joy
      Don't know the t-berry shuffle, but I like to dance and I'm a quick learner! Lets do it!
  • You know it's gonna be a great day when . . . it's sunny and no rain.
    • Linda Joy
      I prefer those days as well!
  • Early in the morning your house is surrounded by about 20 cop cars with lights flashing and they break into your home and point guns at you and cuff you and arrest you...and then you find out that they had the wrong address...
    • Linda Joy
      Sounds great! You can get your cardio without even exercising!
  • When I wake up in a GREAT mood!!! :)
    • Linda Joy
      We can choose that every day, but I suspect for you and I our pain level has a lot to do with that!
    • Majik-1
      I "choose" to be happy most days. Some days a GREAT mood is just a little harder to pull up!!! I had a stroke many years back & my mood swings aren't always under my control no matter how hard I try!!! Some days I "choose" to be happy until I can find my GREAT mood once again. I call it giving it my best shot until I actually defeat it. Still, waking up in a GREAT mood is the greatest feeling ever!!!

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