• If they are resealable, you can use them like regular ziplock bags. If they are the ones you tear open, unfortunately, about the only things you can do with them is either use a heat sealer to store things (they are great at keeping out moisture) or just crumple them up and use them as packing foam next time you ship something (since the plastic is fairly stiff, this doesn't work too great). The sad reality is that very little actual mass of "recycled" plastics end up being used to make new products. Most of it ends up just getting shipped to Asia or Africa, where it sits in trash heaps. 😕
    • bostjan64
      And if they are resealable, and you wish to reuse them, but they get icky, you can wash them with dish soap and water and let them air dry. A lot of electronics come in similar bags for static protection, just be mindful of which products might contain toxic heavy metals - you won't want to reuse those to store leftover spaghetti, if you know what I mean.
    • Linda Joy
      They are not readily resealable. But when no one answered this question I looked it up online (amazing, right, I actually did what I preach!) And the ones that don't reseal can be resealed using an iron if you don't have a sealing machine. So I've decided to combine some and make a huge birthday bag using the balloons that I got for my birthday. I'm also going to turn the thank you bags I get every day from M.O.W. into yarn I can crochet into things like a pad for homeless to sleep on or for camping. Or to make into trunk organizers or storage bins or baskets or thicker shopping bags. And FYI you can wash a lot of disposable plastics (and nick knacks if you keep them) on the top shelf of the dishwasher. And I've washed plastic bags in a load of laundry before. Not for food use, of course, but for reuse. I've only recently started becoming concerned about single use plastics. Do you have any other suggestions?
  • mail them back to the DuPont company. Until they stop making them nothing you do is going to matter.

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