• Too often men feel God is too restrictive when it comes to sex. Most have never read or understand what is written in the Song of Soloman in the Bible. God gave us sex for our enjoyment but we are not to be lascivious in our pursuit of it.
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      Lascivious means lustful. How do we enjoy sex without being lustful?
    • Thinker
      There is good and bad lust. the lust I was referring to is that which controls your life.
  • This isn't just your impression. I'll link a social study that affirms your observation: The reason why is more or less up for speculation. I'd guess that it's related to how most cultures encourage men to be the critical thinkers (engineers, scientists, philosophers, leaders, etc.) and encourage women to more service-oriented careers (textile production, hospitality, early education, nursing, etc.) As these are very broad trends, they apply to very broad data like worldwide religiosity Whether the biology or the culture is the primary cause is a sticky topic and a whole can of worms to dive into..
  • That's because giving birth, raising children, looking after the elderly and other emotional tasks bring women more into contact with God.

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