• That is a great mystery. Many believe in Heaven and hell or purgatory after death, many believe it is only darkness and that this life is it. We have to wait and see for ourselves. 2/18/23
  • Theres only one way to know for sure. I beleive thats all that happens. Hence I had my own fathers body burnt and threw his ashes into the cold sea.
  • Of course we cease to exist when we pass away. When that moment comes for each of us, we are gone forever and part of history. That’s all there is to it and some of us end up being mentioned in a history book or history program on television.
  • I'm less concerned about that, than "Do we exist now, or are we all asleep?" .........
  • That's generally what "to die" means.
  • At age 8, I died for more than 2 minutes. The look, feel and more was stupendous, then I was ripped right back to my body. I will be happy to die permanently
    • Creamcrackered
      Living is often the hard part. At the boss’ funeral, a disgruntled employee kneeled next to the coffin and whispered, “Who’s thinking outside the box now, Gary? My music partner died while we were writing a new song. I guess he's now decomposing. A will is a dead giveaway. Cremation is my last hope for a smoking body. The grave digger's name was, ironically, Doug Grave.

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