• Describing the scale something like the following: [ 1 ] - a terrible idea; inevitably caused death, destruction and/or the downfall of society, learning and law, with no apparent benefit to humanity [ 5 ] - average; no obvious benefit or detriment to humanity [ 6 ] - a minor advantage or convenience for some, not likely to affect all humanity positively or negatively in any significant way [ 10 ] - inevitably caused the betterment of all humanity *** I'd give it a 6.
  • Actually, I've never had Cup-O-Noodles myself. The reason for that is the inordinately high sodium content (I have related medical issues). For the sodium content, I give them a 0. As a product that contains little actual nutrition, I give them a 1. As a very economical source of food for those who have little money, I give them a 3. As a product foisted on a naive public that encourages poor eating habits, I give them a -10.
  • Rate them a 8
  • I agree with NYAD. They are bad for your health. You could buy a potato microwave it and have a much healthier meal at a comparable price. For that matter you could buy an entire bag of egg noodles cheaper than one cup of that stuff. You can cook them in the microwave, too. And if you buy a bag of frozen peas and carrots you could throw some of them in, too. And then you can claim to have cooked a noodle soup from scratch and impress the ladies.
  • a 10 but not a healthy 10

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