• This is it...or is it? {{ }}
  • Spam😖Window ME, Agent Orange, and last but not least, The Dick Tracy Watch (It was a watch with Dick Tracy on it, not a cellphone watch) lol
      I don't know why some people hate WinME. I really liked it. Much more reliable than previous versions (in my personal experience). Of course I missed the DOS abilities, but I was able to set up an alternate boot for any DOS programs that I was still using. It was years before I was persuaded to upgrade to XP.
  • The pet rock.
  • The card tap option for purchasing products in shops. I think it’s a useless invention because if someone steals your card they can use the card through tap without the card holder’s permission
  • These paid channels that are selling these things
  • a Pet Rock
  • pogo stick
  • Evian’s Water Bra
  • The useless machine: I'm not making this up. It's a robotic box with a switch on it. If you turn on the switch, the box opens, a robotic finger comes out and turns the switch off, then the finger retreats and the box closes. I suppose it could serve a use as entertainment, but maybe only for several seconds before you experienced the joke and that's that.

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