• far as I know (and I might certainly be wrong about this), this is one of those things that Catholics teach are specifically for Catholics. That is: if you're not Catholic (perhaps also Anglican or Lutheran), you have no such rule, and if you have no such rule then you can't be held responsible if you don't follow said rule. I.e. you're not guilty because you're not under that "Law", that Catholic (and maybe Anglican and Lutheran) law. On the other hand, if you're a Catholic, I *BELIEVE* it is considered a very serious sin (a "mortal sin") to fail to fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday (exception: medical reasons, and the "rule" includes specifically an exception for medical reasons). *** But note that you're not talking about fasting. You're talking about what Catholics call "Abstention",which is not eating what they call "meat" on Friday. The Catholic rule for abstention from "meat" applies to EVERY Friday. (Note that on Good Friday, more than mere abstention from "meat" is required of Catholics by their rules: fasting is required.) *** Now: the rules are even more complex (and much more detailed) than I've explained, but the answer to your question is (I THINK, mostly not sure if it applies to only Catholics, I think Catholics teach that it applies only to Catholics): **IF** you are a Catholic, then violating both the fasting rule and the abstention rule on Good Friday is considered a "mortal sin" and if the Catholic in question does not repent of that sin, then (Catholics teach) that Catholic WILL DEFINITELY spend eternity in Hell. *** SO: if you're not Catholic, you're OK. If you've got a medical condition that requires you to eat "meat" on that particular Friday, (or if you're very young or old - some of the details I've left out) you're OK even if you are Catholic.
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      Thanks for your information
  • No such place April 01 2022
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  • im a protestant and so was my mum but we never ate meat good friday.....we had fish { and i never eat meat good friday even now } ,that was supposed to be a sacrifice eating fish ,but i find fish is a nice change lol.....and even if all this God thing is true ,we wont know til we are dead 😇lol
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      Thanks, Pamela for your help and teaching me something new
  • No, it is superstitious to believe in such thing. Matthew 15:10-11 "And He called the people to Him and said to them, Hear and understand: 11 it is not what goes into the mouth that defiles a person, but what comes out of the mouth; this defiles a person."
      Wondering...Do you think it is superstitious for a Christian to think it is a sin to eat (for just one example) blood sausage? For example: English black pudding?

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