• Nothing wrong with that! March.14 2022
  • Meh. Not impressed with the horizontally-stretched video clip. Makes her look double-wide. *** But - as we all know - "sex sells", and that is just as true of the news industry as it is of any other consumer industry. *** Personally, I didn't see anything objectionable in the video. There were much shorter skirts on the old "Star Trek" series, for example...
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      Thanks for sharing! The video appears to be downloaded from another YouTuber who added a watermark text for video information. If you didn't see "anything objectionable," then you need glasses, cause the lady's panties are showing. I can't believe you missed that. So really, you just never cease to make me laugh. LOL
  • I'm all for it - I look up to them. 😏

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