• At this time your still allowed to think what you like.
  • That's not illegal in the U.S. In fact: it's not even illegal to post such information. (Freedom of speech). Of course: it might be illegal to actually manufacture such a device (if you are not licensed appropriately).
  • Not illegal but you might be investigated by law enforcement as a possible terrorist.
  • The B word might flag up.
  • Its legal to search the topic. However making such a device I believe is illegal. If you're searching isn't entirely private the law and psychiatrist may seach for you I wouldn't do it.
  • In the U.S. at least, it is legal. Of course: it is likely not legal to construct such a device, and don't be surprised if the FBI "takes notice" of people who access such documents.
  • The search itself is not illegal; however, making one & using it for illegal purposes can get you free room & board in a Federal facility!!! Although the search is not illegal, it might well get you put on a watch list & everything you do could be under scrutiny!!! You also put your life at risk IF you fail to follow the instructions properly. I suggest that you find another hobby!!!
  • You can't afford to waste your time like that. If you can't even write a complete sentence correctly you'll never be smart enough to pull it off anyway.

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