• Linda Joy
      what do you like to learn online?
  • sornetirnes
  • Yes, I've learned quite a bit online, mainly about chemistry. I've also lightly explored some math and physics topics that I didn't study in college.
  • I haven't done much "online learning" beyond mandatory work related courses but I have learnt many new things or facts from the internet. Some of it has been useful & practical, some of it less so but interesting & possibly useful in future quizes! I believe we should all be able to learn new things & it doesn't matter where we learn them or who we learn them from.
  • Yes, I just followed a youtube video on how to make blackjack in the python programming language today.
  • I teach online these days, but not for much longer, I hope. Yes, I've learned a fair amount online, outside of my own field, but frankly, no online site is as good as a serious, scholarly book written by an expert. And newspaper articles in reputable papers are better than the often much shorter, less detailed artlcles on any subject that you see online.

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