• Better batteries. The increasing numbers of electric cars will drive the development of bigger capacity & quicker charging batteries, possibly "solid state" batteries. The technology will also feature in phones & cordless power tools etc.
    • Linda Joy
      They need to figure out a way to charge them that doesn't require a carbon fuel generator or its all a waste. And there is also the depletion of rare earth metals to be considered. But I agree better batteries are coming, and they will make a huge difference!
  • *** Unmanned trip to Mars *with return* (and samples to analyze). Possibly a manned trip if SpaceX can keep to their schedule. *** The new, "super GPS" that the U.S. has already launched satellites for should allow us to have GPS that tells us not only what lane of the road we are on, but also what parking spot we are parked in. (No more "remember where we parked".) *** Worldwide satellite internet is in the works now, and should be available well before 5 years in most locales. Price might be restrictive. *** Russia and China are cooperating on a manned Moon base. Given Russia's track record, I expect delays and malfunctions galore. Probably won't be habitable within 10 years. Hopefully "the West" will work on a similar project in order to prevent China claiming the far side of the Moon. *** Color E-readers with 300 dpi or better in color mode. *** 8K video is already a thing. 16K is next. *** I don't expect it, but the possibility exists: a room-temperature superconductor. Would revolutionize electronics, particularly (at first) high-power electronics devices such as MRI machines and electric high-speed rails. *** In-the-lab, glass as hard as steel has been produced (in very small quantities). *IF* that process can be ramped up to production level in the next 10 years, we will have glassware that is harder (much harder) than the floor you drop it on.
    • Linda Joy
      'The west' has already implemented the Space Force. You have lots of good ideas there!
  • I expect the social media monopolies to be broken up. Much as the telephone monopoly was broken in 1984.
    • Linda Joy
      That's already being done. There are alternatives for all the major social media that claim to be uncensored. Its just a matter of choice now.
  • Given my and my friends and loved ones' increasing ages, I'm hoping for improvements on the medical front. I had a friend who died of ALS not that long ago, and now I've learned that there may be a real treatment in the pipeline. I hope that's true.
    • Linda Joy
      They are definitely coming and many have been made! I've seen vast improvements in the way my cancer was treated compared to my mom's. The sad part is if it weren't big business and big money involved I don't think they'd care!
  • many more electric cars, charging stations, wifi every where

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