• It is free. You should not be paying for it.
  • I didn't pay for either of them.
  • the people who administer it have to be paid, but there are many free sites. if they want you to pay $27, they're trying to make a profit.
  • It is free for everyone.
  • The vaccine itself is free. The government is covering the cost of it. However, some places that are giving the injections are charging an administrative fee. That's not for the vaccine itself. The hospital where I received mine charged nothing at all. Too bad your center charged a fee, but you can't blame that on the government or the vaccine makers.
  • I got both of mine for free too.
  • Because you don't have insurance
    • Hulk70156
      Actually I got mine for free because I have insurance but my friend didn't have insurance and had to pay for it. I can see now why so many people haven't been vaxed. Not everyone can afford $27.00. People who live below the poverty line and especially homeless people can't afford it. The problem needs to be addressed. $27 can be several meals to someone who needs it, a Saturday night drinking beer, or it can pay an electric bill.
    • Linda Joy
      People who live below the poverty line and homeless people usually qualify for medicaid.
  • Mine was no direct cost to me. It depends on the venue, though. When I got my "free" covid test last year, it cost me just shy of $400, because the doctor evidentally thought I also needed a walletectomy.
    • Hulk70156
      Yes, I hear walletectomies are quite common in the medical profession. lol
  • They asked to see my Cousins Medicare card before they gave her the first Vaccine
    • Hulk70156
      "DancesWithWolves They asked to see my Cousins Medicare card" - Why did they do t his?

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