• Some certainly would. It seems to me, though, that your question begs the question: "How could that possibly be proved absolutely?" I can't think of any way, under any circumstances, no matter what the technology available or the source of information. Can you?
    • MisterKatt
      My main thought against belief is that gods and supernatural spirits were originally an invented concept then belief in multiple gods evolved into belief in one all powerful creator God.
      OK, that's a hypothesis. But it's not PROOF of anything other than why you believe what you believe. I can't even IMAGINE - even with science-fiction technology or what-have-you - how it could be PROVED BEYOND A DOUBT that God does not exist.
    • MisterKatt
      I believe natural forces exist that can accomplish anything that is thought could only be achieved by supernatural powers. Proof is probably there but it would take a lot of research and I would likely have to write a book on the subject.
  • It's never going to be possible to prove or disprove God's existence, but if there WERE such proof, some people would simply refuse to accept it. They are too invested in their belief. Look at how many people are utterly convinced that the election was stolen from Donald Trump. A vast amount of proof exists that that is not so, but do they accept it? By the way, as any logician will tell you, it is not logical to demand that anyone prove the non-existence of something. If you think about it, you'll grasp why.
  • Well if you could prove that "totally" to me, I would no longer believe. However, your point is as unprovable as ours is. Why does our faith seem to bother you.
    • OrangeDonRump
      "Why does our faith seem to bother you." Probably because so many of you use it as a weapon to ruin the lives of other people who want no part of your crazy cultist bullcrap. Stop using it as a weapon, stop ruining other peoples' lives, stop trying to take away peoples' rights abased on unproven cult crap, and you might see people change how they are toward you. Unfortunately, the religious refuse to put down their swords, and whine when people pick up their own swords to defend themselves and their families and their lives. Seems pretty goddam two-faced, when you think about it.
    • dalcocono
      Look at you, just full of angry accusations of your own. Your petty little rant here nothing but cliché. How about you stick that sword of yours elsewhere.
    • MisterKatt
      What bothers me is that many Christians still take the Bible too literally, eg. supernatural creation in particular, young earth creationists. I think it would be very confusing for me if a creator God was proven to exist 'specially with all the scientific evidence that supernatural powers are not required to enable our existence.
    • dalcocono
      Why does what somebody else believes bother you? Personally, I don't care what other people believe as long as their beliefs don't cause me any harm.
    • MisterKatt
      If religious beliefs are or become too anti science it can bother me.
  • You can't prove a god is real because there are no gods there to evidence (and nobody has ever proven otherwise). You can't disprove gods or leprechauns or Middle Earth or fairies or Santa Claus or anything else Make-Believe because you cannot cover every square inch of the entire universe and say "I've checked and there's nothing there" - which also means, you're still safe saying that just because someone invents imaginary creatures (like god and zeus and odin and poseidon and jesus and ra and etc etc etc) you don't have to assume they MIGHT be real just because a lot of people want them to be real. They are still NOT real and it is perfectly acceptable to say they aren't. It's silly to suggest otherwise, just because someone has a vivid imagination and wrote about their silly god-creature in a cult book, and wants to play God Worship every weekend to feel superior to other people.

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