• because we are trying to save you and the human race from a dangerous mass delusion
    • Arimatthewdavies
      How can you save us from something that you yourself created atheists have boldly made the statement we are the default belief we were here long before any idea of God and religion existed. If that's true someone that did not believe in God created one probably to get money from the masses of people and control them and now you claim you want to save us from what you created sorry but I don't trust you
    • Mcarr
      Arimatthew, that was possibly the stupidest comment I've ever seen
  • I have never seen that in real life. Online, in an open forum where everyone is free to post, there's no butting in to private conversations because there are no private conversations. I think you need to learn the difference between a private conversation and a public discussion on the internet.
  • The phrase is actually BUTT IN. See? We're here largely to educate.
  • Enjoy the ride. You might learn something.
  • They do not. Aren't you supposed to believe that you have been commanded not to lie by your gid?

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