• You could initiate the meeting up, and the asking out.
  • If you have a car it's easy. Go wherever you want to,doing what you want to. Some people will say hello.
    • Linda Joy
      She can't drive
    • Pearl Lederman
      thats just what i was going to say
  • Ask them to meet up after. Ask the guys out. Go to a LPA meeting. Volunteer at a homeless shelter, volunteer at the VA. Volunteer at a nursing home or senior center. Take a class at the community college, or library. They should all be opening back up soon. Be a big sister, mentor a student at the local school and help them with their homework. But also keep in mind that a lot of people have their own families to take care of and don't have the time.
    • Pearl Lederman
      ive tried to get them to let me be a big sister or mentoring but they wont let you if you dont drive, ive thought of visiting people in homes that dont have visitors but now they dont allow visitors, as for volunteering, i dont want to wear that diaper over my mouth for hrs at a time
  • I wish I could give you a satisfying answer to this great question, but the best I can tell you is "confidence." Yes, you can meet tons of people doing volunteer work, you can go to church 3-4x every week, and you can bend over backward for everyone you meet, but it won't make a good impression unless you do it all with confidence. If you are timid, there are people out there who will sense that and then they will use you and throw you out of their lives the moment you are no longer useful to them. How do you transform yourself to be more confident? I don't know, you just kind of have to fake it.
  • I know what you mean. I learned to accept being alone, though it is a miserable thing I am now realizing that I am not all that good of a thing to look at. Good job with the church activities, but are you at a point of which womens rights are now key, and you may have to gulp down hesitation on asking another person out? Think of my or a loved ones hand on your back as you do ask someone else out. Friend or not.
  • Hi Pearl. I was your friend at Yahoo answers. I went by the username math there. You'll make friends with time. I know it's hard in these times. Just try to interact more thorough phone or email.
    • Pearl Lederman
      not sure if i remember you but did you know ya is shutting down in may 4th, and you cant post anything after the 20th
  • Join a circus. You never know the fun people you can meet there.
  • My Mother would give me a bag of chips and say, "Go make friends". It still works.

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