• A geek hacker like Q in "Bond" and a John Wick gun LOL
  • sectoral aka partial heterochromia , a pug nose. Items sketch pad, colored pencils. I like to draw.
  • Glasses & towel.
  • High heels and a briefcase. We'll assume that both can be used as some sort of high-tech weapon besides functioning in the normal way.
    • Linda Joy
      Here ya go!
  • An insulin syringe with an insulin bottle attached to the sharp end, for throwing at people and knocking them out if not make shards of glass for them to walk on. Then a ball with all the finger prickers pointing out on it, the ones used for testing glucose.
    • Linda Joy
      Lol a lancet star instead of a ninja star!
  • a buff bod and a cool costume that shows it off.
  • A pamphlet, "Why dolls are stupid" and a wick leading to an internal firecracker...
  • A wireless mouse and a snifter of brandy.

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