• Yes, my mother when I was 30. Its the only funeral I've gone to as an adult when I had a choice. I've also seen brains splattered all over the floor in two different houses before the age of 20. And I watched a man take his last breath.
  • Yes my Moms funeral and my Uncles funeral
  • Yes and I hate it.
  • Yeah between 12 or 20 of them maybe more . 5 or 6 close friends + my parents , grand parents ,in-laws & other assorted relatives. Open caskets are pretty much standard & even cremation funerals as my parents had usually have an open casket viewing a few days before they burn up your useless remains. I’ve already prepaid for my cremation & funeral service and have my engraved tombstone on a trailer in my driveway.
    • Linda Joy
      Bless your heart!
  • nope........
  • I just did yesterday.
  • Yes. I've attended over 20 funerals for family members and each funeral service was open casket.
  • Sure, at my age, people have usually been to many of them. I went to one once where the current wife of the deceased and the ex wife of the deceased got into a huge fist fight at the front of the casket. Hair pulling fists flying and screeching at each other. One of them tripped and started to go down, unbalancing the other who had both hands in her hair. They crashed into the coffin with about 350-400 lbs of mad ndn women and knocked it off of stands it was placed on. The deceased fell out of the open casket onto the ground and several of the other people attending jumped in to stop the fight. We had to pick the deceased guy back up and dust him off and get him back into the coffin. I swear he was smiling! The funeral home guy wasn't though. He was mad as heck over the whole fray.
    • Linda Joy
      Are you sure that wasn't a skit on tv? lol
    • dalcocono
      Yup I was there. It was almost like watching the 3 stooges! 30+ years later we still talk about 'heey you remember Tomcat's funeral"? It always gets a laugh!
  • Yes - all of my grandparents, my mom, close friends, and the one true love of my life. That one was rather unique - of all the people who attended, and with the exception of her mother, I was the one who knew her the longest. But I lost track of her for more than 30 years, so no one there knew who I was.
  • nope but i have had the chance before the actual start of the funeral to view some loved ones but i refuse ..

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