• Yes! It's been very helpful for me.😄 You can ask questions there to seek for help, you can also answer questions to help others.
    • cheesebrain_
      yea,that site is quite fun to.
  • Yes , well from what I see you got use only a Yahpo Email to use it and it's okay
  • I used it once. I didn't like the point system. There are several people here from YA. Many came and left when the site shut down.
  • I used it for quite a few years. It had good and bad. The good was that there lots of people on there and you could get an answer to anything. The bad was their point system and the fact that you could get kicked off for no reason; or if some group of people didn't agree with you politically. You could also get points for answering your own questions. .There were also brigades of toughies who like to beat people up. They had sock accounts so if they got kicked off there was another they could use to get back on. 😕 The Politics section was the most popular and where the most mean people hung out. No intelligent discussion about politics was possible. 😏 Somebody would say something cruel or disgusting and it was all over. 😏
  • Yup, I was on YA for years. I liked it. There were several other Native users on it too. It was a fun forum although there were a bunch of trolls lurking there too. 4/4/23
  • When it existed, yes I was on Yahoo Answers for almost 10 years.
  • I used Yahoo Answers for many years. There were a lot of academic questions/conversations. There were people who expressed their appreciation for information contributed. You could spend a lot of time on the site and never have to deal with the trolls because there were plenty of sensible people there. No wonder they killed it.
    • notyouraveragedummy
      I don't remember a "point system". I guess that "points" didn't mean much to me.
  • I used to use it a lot. They shut it down, so it's NO longer available.
  • I had an account there. It was full of anonymous trolls with multiple sockpuppet accounts posting the same old rubbish day in, day out. I can't say I miss the place.

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